Hulk Hogan Just Can’t Stop Getting Trolled On Twitter But Whatcha Gonna Do, Brother



Hulk Hogan is having a really hard time with social media these days. He’s suddenly fallen into the habit of retweeting photos of kidnapped kids and killers he thinks are “wrestling fans.”

A few weeks back, the Huckster was called out for accidentally retweeting a photo of Madeleine McCann, a child who was kidnapped while on vacation in 2007. A Twitter troll requested Hogan to retweet the pic claiming it was his daughter in the photo and that she was a “big fan.” Hogan quickly deleted the tweet after it was called to his attention that the photo was of McCann.

But you know the saying, “trick me once brother, shame on you. Trick me twice, I’m going to go orange goblin on your ass on Saturday Night’s Main Event” or something. Hulk was tricked twice.

On Wednesday, a fan asked Hogan to re-tweet a photo of their grandfather. The photo was actually one of Josef Fritzl, a criminal who is serving a life sentence in prison for holding his children captive in a basement for decades and abusing them. Hogan tweeted this photo of Fritzl wearing a “WWE World’s Greatest Dad” t-shirt, not realizing who the man in the photo really was.

Here’s the original tweet:


Hogan once again deleted the tweet after it was called to his attention that he’s really fucking gullible.

[via Wrestling Inc.]