Twitter User Convinces Outback To Let Him Become Human Bloomin’ Onion In Outback Bowl

Bloomin' Onion

Shutterstock / Brent Hofacker

One Twitter user spent all of 2017 tweeting at the Outback Steakhouse and the Outback Bowl Twitter handles in an effort to become the Human Bloomin’ Onion at the 2017/2018 Outback Bowl. Well, they fuckin’ did it.

Twitter user @celebrityhottub (real name Ryan Nanni) has a bit of a cult following to begin with, so this helped with the campaign. He’s got 74,000+ Twitter followers and works over at where they focus on, you guessed it, College Football. If you’ve been following @celebrityhottub for a while on Twitter then you’ve no doubt seen him tweeting at one of the various Outback accounts but it all went viral yesterday on Twitter Moments™ thanks to one of those ‘How many RT’s?!?’ tweets that gets shit done.

Outback came in with a very low number and within hours he’d locked up his position as the Human Bloomin’ Onion at the 2017/2018 Outback Bowl. Here’s how it all went down, starting on January 3rd of last year:

It was a strong effort. Here’s where things took a turn in his favor and he finally saw his dreams come true:

He almost fucked up there, as noted below, by tagging @Outback instead of the Outback Bowl Twitter handle but it all appears to have worked out in the end:

He’s got a fish on the line:

The Belk Bowl wanted in on the fun:

The Outback Bowl was blissfully unaware of how much Twitter clout this bro has:

Twitter users were stoked:

Now, the tweet’s up over 12K retweets and Outback conceded. They’ll be making him the Human Bloomin’ Onion at the 2017/2018 Outback Bowl:

Wearing it with pride:

If this isn’t the single best College Football-related story of the 2017-2018 season then I don’t know what is. Just one man, following his dream, and getting to transform into a Human Bloomin’ Onion for one glorious day. Kind of makes me want to pop out and grab a half-Bloomin’ Onion for lunch. Most people don’t know that they’ll cut it in half for you and that way you can feel better about eating it all by yourself. Pro tips only.