Twitter User Convinces Outback To Let Him Become Human Bloomin’ Onion In Outback Bowl

by 3 months ago
Bloomin' Onion

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One Twitter user spent all of 2017 tweeting at the Outback Steakhouse and the Outback Bowl Twitter handles in an effort to become the Human Bloomin’ Onion at the 2017/2018 Outback Bowl. Well, they fuckin’ did it.

Twitter user @celebrityhottub (real name Ryan Nanni) has a bit of a cult following to begin with, so this helped with the campaign. He’s got 74,000+ Twitter followers and works over at where they focus on, you guessed it, College Football. If you’ve been following @celebrityhottub for a while on Twitter then you’ve no doubt seen him tweeting at one of the various Outback accounts but it all went viral yesterday on Twitter Moments™ thanks to one of those ‘How many RT’s?!?’ tweets that gets shit done.

Outback came in with a very low number and within hours he’d locked up his position as the Human Bloomin’ Onion at the 2017/2018 Outback Bowl. Here’s how it all went down, starting on January 3rd of last year:

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