Hockey Puck Is No Match For A Hydraulic Press — See What It Takes To Make A Rubber Hockey Puck Explode

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING has been hotter on the Internet in the past month than ‘hydraulic press’ videos. I’m guessing you’ve seen at least a handful of these hydraulic press videos by now, but if you haven’t the premise is simple: an object goes into the hydraulic press and the press is turned on until that object either explodes or the hydraulic press breaks down. Thus far we’ve only seen objects explode (the press hasn’t given out yet), but that doesn’t make these videos any less awesome.

In this latest video from the Hydraulic Press YouTube channel they stick a regulation hockey puck into the press and squeeze the ever living shit out of it, and then they squeeze some more. The hydraulic press pushes until the puck explodes, and if you’ve ever held a hockey puck then you know just how dense these things are and how much force it would conceivably take to explode a hockey puck. Naturally all of this is filmed with the high speed camera so we can see the regulation hockey puck exploding in slow mo:

Let’s check that out once more in animated GIF before we get back to the rise of these videos:

So back to these hydraulic press videos going from relative obscurity to the hottest channel on YouTube in just a matter of weeks….

From the first moment one of these videos went viral on Reddit it seemed like there was a new hydraulic press video popping up every day. I’m guessing that the people behind the Hydraulic Press YouTube channel have either very good spam bots that submit their videos to Reddit or they’ve got a shit ton of money to toss at video promotion (or both), because every time I turn around there’s a new hydraulic press video picking up a million views.

Just look at these fucking view counts and tell me there isn’t something fishy going on here:

Any theories on how/why this channel’s gone viral so quickly?

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