I Can’t Stop Watching This Dude Totally FAIL At Dunking Over A Convertible

Look, I’m only 5’8″, so there are probably a lot of people out there who think there’s no way in hell that I have any right to talk about someone failing to dunk a basketball while leaping over a car.

I mean, really, my dunking experience consisted of cranking down a 10-foot hoop to about seven-feet and doing my best Michael Jordan impersonation while I was like 13 years old, hoping that, one day, an NBA team would make me Matthew Dellavedova before that dude came along and blew up the first couple games of the NBA Finals this year.

Since I can’t dunk on an official-sized hoop, should I really be making fun of this poor dude who tried doing it in a flashy way over the weekend, who believed that he was capable of doing it over an open convertible? Shit yeah! It’s his fault for trying to outdick the competition by doing something as difficult as this.

Sure, when a guy can soar over a ride, it can score serious points with the judges and send the crowd into an absolute frenzy, but when it goes wrong, the person deserves getting all of the jokes aimed at him.

The dunker above thinks that he has a little bit of Blake Griffin in his legs, believing that a Ford Mustang is no match for his leaping ability, and that Griffin’s insane athleticism is something that any Joe Schmo is blessed with.

Wrong, dude. Way wrong.

Griffin is a freak of nature who makes dunking seem like something as simple as walking down the street. Unfortunately, this guy isn’t quite as capable of doing that, falling right through the top of the convertible and snagging shotgun before someone else came running for the front seat.

Maybe next time he’ll use something like a go-kart rather than a full-fledged muscle car, at least then he’ll save himself from the embarrassment—I hope.

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