Ian Poulter Suggests Placing Windmill and Clown Face on 18th Hole of British Open

Ian Poulter took to Twitter to vent his frustrations following a meltdown over the final five holes that saw him post four bogeys.


Phil Mickelson was also nonplussed.

“I got really lucky because I think the R&A was really worried about the scores going too low and so they used some really funky pin placements,” Mickelson told ESPN. “They used some funny spots and about a third of every green has died, it's so brown. I hit two perfect shots on (No.) 18, left it in the exact spot I wanted to leave it, and I ended up just trying to lag it (and) it still went way by.

“Like I said, I got really lucky to play early because I at least had a fighting chance.”

Mickelson specifically pointed out the pin placement at No. 8, which is in the front-right portion of the green Thursday. He also said, “I don't see anyone on the afternoon with a realistic chance (at shooting 69).”

“I thought it (the setup) was a little overdone and I feel bad for these guys that have to go out and play it (this afternoon) because they're at a distinct disadvantage,” Mickelson said. “It's one of those elements where luck is always a factor, but this shouldn't have been the factor. The weather didn't come in; it's fine. It's just the way it (the golf course) was presented to us.”

At least the scenery is beautiful. 

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