Idiot Regrets Detroit Lions Super Bowl Champions Tattoo

This is Dave. Before the season he got a tattoo celebrating the Detroit Lions’ 2015 Super Bowl win. Dave lives in a damn fantasy world.

But hey, now he’s famous throughout Southeastern Michigan! And that was his ultimate goal.

As a lifelong Detroit Lions fan, I can tell you there is absolutely no chance Dave thought the roar would be restored in the form of a world championship. Hell, the team greatly outperformed expectations and still finds itself eliminated a full month before the Super Bowl.

See, the only reason to get such ink is for attention. A real Lions fan doesn’t need the visual reminder of his suffering. A real Lions fan walks around with the shame of 60-plus subpar seasons on their flesh at all times.

So Dave can tell you he’ll simply change the 5 to a 6 when Matthew Stafford and the gang take home the hardware next year, but not even he believes it. Rest assured, however, the local news teams will be checking back in with him next season.

[H/T: Click on Detroit]