Cold Blooded: Iggy Azalea Dumps Nick Young’s Things Out In The Driveway, Has His Car Hauled Away

I hope Swaggy P, aka Lakers swingman Nick Young, knows someone who owns a truck, because his stuff is just sitting there for the taking now outside Iggy Azalea’s house.

Why is that some of you might be asking? Well, as is always the case for some reason today, Iggy made it very clear on social media the other day that she was done with good ole Nick.

In fact, Iggy is SO done with him Nick’s belongings have suddenly found themselves on the outside of her house.

And just to drive the dagger in even further, Azalea had the 1962 Chevy Impala she bought him for Christmas back in 2014 unceremoniously hauled away.

I guess she wasn’t too thrilled with Nick’s alleged cheating ways, huh?

Could be worse for Nick I suppose. At least she didn’t chop off his dick like she threatened to do awhile back.


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