Indianapolis Colts Continuing Jonathan Taylor Trade Talks With One Team

Indianapolis Colts star Jonathan Taylor

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

Since Jonathan Taylor received permission to seek a trade earlier this week, there have been a number of teams linked with a potential move for the star running back.

The Philadelphia Eagles have been named as an option.

The Chicago Bears have been presented as a potential landing spot for the disgruntled former All-Pro.

In the AFC, there has been talk of the Chiefs and Bills maybe could try and bring him in to add to already potent offenses.

However, there has been one frontrunner throughout the process and it’s a team that had already tried to bring in a different star running back this offseason.

That favorite is the Miami Dolphins, who are one of the only teams that has reportedly made an actual offer.

That offer hasn’t landed them Taylor yet, but it looks like they are continuing to work on getting a deal done with the Indianapolis Colts.

According to the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson, the Colts and Dolphins have continued their talks for a Jonathan Taylor trade.

The Dolphins are a landing spot that makes a lot of sense for Taylor.

The team has an interesting array of options at the position, but nobody that really stands out as somebody capable of leading a backfield.

Taylor would change that and could be very dangerous in an offense where opposing teams would have to worry a whole lot more about the passing attack than they’ve needed to when playing against the Indianapolis Colts the last couple of years.

He could give the Miami Dolphins another dangerous option on offense and help them become one of the league’s best offenses, which was something they already looked like they could be when Tua Tagovailoa was healthy last year.

The asking price for Taylor is what has probably held up a deal so far, but maybe the Dolphins and Colt can get something worked out before the deadline the Colts set for Tuesday.