Indianapolis Colts GM Reveals They Picked Anthony Richardson Because Of FOMO

Indianapolis Colts QB Anthony Richardson

Getty Image / David Eulitt

Last Thursday, the Indianapolis Colts surprised many football fans when they made the decision to take Anthony Richardson with the draft’s 4th overall pick.

At the time, betting odds had Will Levis as an overwhelming favorite to be the pick, but the Colts decided to go with the QB from Florida instead.

Most fans assumed it was because the Colts liked the ridiculous combination of size and athleticism Richardson had to offer and believed that he would be a good fit for new head coach Shane Steichen, who just reached a Super Bowl with Jalen Hurts.

It turns out that the actual reason may have just been FOMO.

According to NBC Sports’ Peter King, Colts GM Chris Ballard said that he didn’t want to take a risk on not drafting Richardson and see him become a star somewhere else.

“I would rather take the risk, the risk that he might fail, than pass on him and see him become a star somewhere else. We’re taking a guy not only for what he can do today but for what he can become tomorrow. I’ve told our guys here: Anthony might have some games where he’s nine of 22 for 105 yards—but in the game he’ll run 10 times for 115 yards. It just might look different for a while.”

If the Colts had passed on Richardson, they likely would have been stuck seeing him twice a year for the rest of his career as a member of the Tennessee Titans and watching him succeed with an AFC South rival would have made the situation even more difficult for them.

Now they’ll get the chance to see how Richardson develops in a division that is about to get very young at the quarterback position.

Within the next couple of years, Richardson should be going head to head against 2 other members of his draft class in Levis and CJ Stroud.

Whether or not Anthony Richardson proves the Indianapolis Colts right will have a big impact on the hierarchy in their division for years to come.