Indians’ Zach Plesac Gets Crushed By Fans After He Says He Was ‘Dragged Across The Mud’ For Breaking MLB COVID Rules

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Indians pitcher Zach Plesac is not a fan favorite right now.

On Sunday Plesac was sent home and placed on the team’s “restricted” list for being in violation of the rules when he broke curfew and was caught by a MLB security official returning late to the team’s hotel.

On Thursday, Plesac took to Instagram to defend himself after he says he was being “dragged across the mud” by the media. Plesac admits that he and teammate Mike Clevinger broke MLB rules by leaving the team hotel and staying out past curfew with friends during a road trip to Chicago but says that he was taking extra precautions to stay safe.

“The media is terrible, man,” “They do some evil things to create stories and make things sound better and make things sound worse.”

A few days prior to leaving for this trip, the MLB came up with these new protocols that required a curfew and some other things that would keep us more isolated as baseball players and contain us more in like a bubble-type sense,” Plesac said. “After my start, I went out to dinner with some buddies. We ended up going back to his place — the same group that we went to dinner with … Just hanging out, having a good time. We broke curfew, I came back late and I was reported by MLB security being out in public and coming back late to curfew.

Fans were not sympathetic towards Plesac and went on to crush him for his explanation.

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