Indonesian Brock Lesnar Almost Murders Friend With Suplex Into Pool Deck

indonesian kid german suplex pool fail


So, the Internet collectively hated the main event of WrestleMania 32 in which Triple H and Roman Reigns put people to sleep. But, that doesn’t mean wrestling still doesn’t have the world in a choke hold. This Indonesian (or possibly Malaysian) kid decided to do his best impression of Brock Lesnar by German suplexing his friend INTO a pool. Only problem is he came up juuuuust  a bit short and drove his buddy’s noggin into the pool deck.

Is the suplexee dead? No. Unless it’s tradition in Indonesia to laugh at fatalities. Will the suplexee ever turn his back on his friend again? Also no. Is John Cena impressed with this kid’s resiliency? Yes. Is Paul Heyman looking to book him against Brock Lesnar at Summer Slam? Yes.

paul heyman brock lesnar wwe reaction

This is a parent’s worst nightmare. It’s the sole reason most parents forbid their offspring to watch, because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Hell, I remember trying to Tombstone my homey in the 6th grade and I almost broke his neck. The only time I wrestled and didn’t inflict or suffer a near-lethal injury was when I exchanged collegiate Greco-Roman style moves with my best friend’s sister. It was basically sex, you guys. I was 13.

Next time, the suplexee should just pull a Seth Rollins and jump out of that…

brock lesnar seth rollins german suplex

The near-tragedy you witnessed above comes from the Hotel Batu Suli Internasional pool in Central Kalimantan in Indonesia, south of Malaysia. The original post on Instagram from last week had 2,000+ likes and 600+ comments. Running any of the captions and comments through the ol’ Google translator yields a mishmash / mumblejumble of words, but I’m guessing they’re calling the suplexee “Stone Man” for not bleeding? The re-post from some Indonesian entertainment site on Instagram has 24,000+ likes and 5,000 comments.

Via Reddit