Infographic Shows Every MLB Stadiums Beer Prices, Proves Pregaming Is The Way To Go

by 4 years ago

I mentioned in an article yesterday that I was way-too-familiar with the prices of beer at baseball games, as I once dropped a fucking absurd $145 during a Seattle Mariners game on alchy alone. And, while that might seem a bit extreme, when you mix baseball with booze, that’s what you end up getting, sometimes.

We all know that buying beer anywhere in public can cause a major drain to our bank account, but, thanks to this infographic that put together, us baseball fans can now figure out just how much we need to budget for when going to see our favorite club play.

For those who have tickets to the two oldest ballparks in the big leagues—Fenway Park and Wrigley Field—you may want to pack a couple more dollar bills in your back pocket, because the frothy shit doesn’t come cheap when seeing the BoSox or Cubbies play.

All you other chumps out there, though, well, costs seem somewhat reasonable—just not when comparing them to a 12-pack of Natty Light that goes down like water when sitting on your couch at home, but that’s just my preference.


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