Jay Cutler, Chad Johnson, Ryan Clark, Chris Long And Channing Crowder Join Inside The NFL Cast

Jay Cutler, Chad Johnson

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

The CW has unveiled the star-studded cast for the upcoming season of the long-running NFL series, Inside The NFL.

Following its move to The CW from HBO, Showtime, and Paramount+, the show is set to feature a fresh lineup of sports personalities offering their insights and unfiltered commentary on the gridiron action.

The iconic Inside The NFL will now be hosted by Ryan Clark, a former safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers and an Emmy® Award-winning studio analyst.

Joining him as analysts are former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, former Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder, former Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson, and Pro-Bowl defensive end Chris Long, who was also a Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award-winner.

They replace last year’s cast of Brandon Marshall, Ray Lewis, Phil Simms, Julian Edelman, Michael Irvin, and host James Brown.

The announcement, made via an official release, has generated considerable excitement among football enthusiasts.

Ryan Clark, who will be leading the panel of analysts, shared his own excitement about this new chapter in his career. Reflecting on his journey from a player to a host.


With this star-studded lineup, the upcoming season of Inside The NFL promises to bring football fans closer to the heart of the game.