Instagram Model Claims Tyler Herro Slid In Her DMs Despite Being Inside The Bubble With His GF Katya Elise Henry

Getty Image

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro has turned into a star while inside the bubble. Earlier this week, Herro went viral when he snarled at the LA Lakers during the NBA finals in the Heat’s game 3 win.

Unfortunately for Herro, the increased exposure means that people are going to attempt to gain clout from their interactions with him. On Tuesday, an Instagram model by the name of Brooke Lewiss posted a screenshot in which she claims Herro tried to hit her up in her IG DMs despite the fact that he has a famous girlfriend in Katya Elise Henry.

Here’s the screenshot from Brooke Lewiss of Herro DMing her with the caption “You can have a Katya and still not be loyal”

Picture via Awesomo

Hopefully, the IG model’s DM revelation doesn’t cause any friction between Tyler and Katya because they seemed to be having a great time inside the bubble.

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