The Internet Was Not Kind To Marvin Lewis In His Debut As A Broadcaster For The Alliance Of American Football

The Internet Roasted Marvin Lewis Debut As A Broadcaster For The AAF

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After 27 years, including 16 long years as the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, Marvin Lewis for the first time since 1992 is not employed by a franchise in the National Football League.

Which is why he was available to jump into the broadcasting booth for the fledgling Alliance of American Football on the league’s opening weekend.

Well, “jump” may not be the best way to describe Marvin Lewis’ broadcasting debut… it was actually more like a slow crawl. A long, slow, sleep-inducing crawl. At least according to many of the viewers who tuned in to the final AAF game of the weekend, the Salt Lake Stallions vs. the Arizona Hotshots.

“Unfortunately this season, I had to experience one of those sparks a couple times up the state from me a little bit in Baker Mayfield and this kid reminds you a lot of Baker Mayfield,” Lewis said about Arizona quarterback John Wolford in the highlight of his broadcasting debut. “I guess that’s why I’m here.”

If the 60-year-old Lewis looks less than enthused in that photo, just wait until you hear what he sounded like during the game. Hope you have a pillow handy because you are about… to get… sleepy…

Man, where’s Jason Witten when you need him?

On the plus side…