Internet Reacts To Sports Writer Sarcastically Using ‘Big 10 Football’ And ‘D-Day’ In The Same Sentence

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Have you heard? Big 10 football is returning. Truth be told, I’m not nearly educated enough about COVID or college football to pontificate on whether or not this is a good decision. As a college football fan and a Big 10 alumni — yes, Rutgers University is still being dragged around like a carcass in the desert sun up-and-down Big 10 country — I’m certainly excited. No boycott here, I’ll be tuning into

Sure, college football is college football, and watching the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns not only exist, but snuff Iowa State, is certainly enjoyable, but it just isn’t the same as watching Wisconsin and Michigan trade 3.3 yard carries between the 30-yard-lines on a brisk November afternoon as you crush buffalo chicken dip and Octoberfest beers. It just hits different.

Naturally, though, because nothing can happen in this country without becoming an epicenter of argument, the internet has had some #TAKES about the news of the Big 10’s return, ranging from the level-headed (such as mine and likely yours, which is something along the lines of “if it’s safe and the players want to play, so be it), to the absolutely absurd (such as USA Today calling it the “darkest day” in the conference’s history — the conference that housed Jerry Sandusky, I remind you), to the obviously trolling, such as this ticking-Twitter-timebomb-take from The Daily Caller writer David Hookstead.

Unsurprisingly, whether it be because they don’t understand the sarcasm or simply think this isn’t a matter to be sarcastic about, the Blue Checkmark Brigade on Twitter had tons to say about Hookstead’s tweet, with reactions registering all across the Twitter Freakout Richter Scale.

In case you were worried that the return of college football was going to be an absolute nightmare on the internet, congrats – you were 1000% correct! In fact, it’ll probably be even worse than you previously imagined. The Blue Checkmarks live for this shit, especially in this cursed year that is 2020. You wanted sports and politics to be kept separate? Just wait until the Big 10 kicks off a couple of weeks before the election. You’ll be better off just deleting Twitter.

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