Iowa Fans Are Livid After Refs Missed Foul On Late 3 In Same Building As Awful Providence Call Earlier Today


Getty Image / Elsa

  • Iowa was upset by Richmond in the first round of the NCAA Tournament
  • Their fans are livid over a missed call on a 3 late in the game
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March Madness has only had a couple of truly close games so far today. It just so happens that they occurred in the same building, but had polar opposite endings.

Earlier today, Providence, who was seen as the most at-risk favorite in the first round, held off South Dakota State thanks in part to a very questionable foul call on a late 3. Jared Bynum appeared to stick his leg out to make contact with a defender and was given the controversial call that sent him to the line for free throws that gave Providence a 6 point lead.

Fast forward a few hours, and Iowa was trailing Richmond by 3 late in their game. Iowa was viewed as the safest 5 seed coming into today while Richmond needed a close win over Davidson in the A-10 final to make the tournament. This time around, it was the little guy getting the help from a questionable call.

Kris Murray appeared to be clearly fouled shooting a 3 with 1 minute left. Even the game’s announcers were surprised to see play continue. Had the foul been called, Murray would have had a chance to tie the game at the line. Instead, Richmond went down the floor and extended the lead to 5. Iowa was never able to get the lead below 3 the rest of the way and lost 67-63.

Obviously, Iowa’s poor play and ice cold shooting is mostly to blame for their loss, but their fans are still livid about being robbed of this opportunity late in the game.