Iowa’s Sixth-Year Receiver Goes Scorched Earth On Referees After Blown Pass Interference Call

Iowa wide receiver Nico Ragaini angry big ten referee pass interference
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Iowa wide receiver Nico Ragaini is not happy with college football officiating after Saturday’s game against Iowa State. And that’s an understatement!

Ragaini, a sixth-year senior, was held to just eight yards on two catches. The Hawkeyes gained only 123 yards total through the air.

Although the entire passing offense was frustrating, Ragaini had a chance to boost the numbers on a fly route during the second quarter. Except for the fact that he was pulled down by Cyclones defensive back Jeremiah Cooper and could make the catch.

Instead, it was Iowa State that came down with an impressive interception.

The play would have been even better if Cooper had not committed pretty blatant pass interference. He grabbed Ragaini and yanked him to the turf as he was falling.

Iowa’s veteran pass-catcher immediately looked toward the closest official in real time. Ragaini that he would throw a flag.

That was not the case! Cooper was granted the interception without penalty.

Iowa WR Nico Ragaini was furious.

Ragaini was displeased when asked about the no call on Tuesday and went scorched earth on the officiating crew in Ames. There was no restraint in what he had to say.

Was it pass interference? Yeah, you know what, I feel like: What, is the NCAA or Big Ten gonna fine me if I say that’s a horses—t f—ing call or what? Yeah, I don’t know. I probably shouldn’t have dropped an F-bomb in there but, Jesus. It’s whatever.

— Nico Ragaini

A reporter followed up on the initial comments with a question about hand fighting and whether officials are allowing more of it this season. Ragaini did not see it as hand fighting.

I don’t know if you would consider that hand fighting. I don’t know, we’re taught to fight through it because it’s football. There’s holding on every play, I’m sure our line holds on every play. Just gotta fight through it and try and contest the catch. Ball don’t lie, we got the pick-6 on the next play.

— Nico Ragaini

Needless to say, Ragaini was not pleased. As a sixth-year senior there was no reason to hold back, though it might be the last time that he is allowed to speak to the media this fall…

Here are Ragaini’s full comments in all of their glory: