Is Your Favorite ‘Sport’ a Actually a Sport? This Poll Shows What People Consider a Sport


After removing all sports that they decided were, without a doubt, sports in the purest form of the word (, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, etc.), Reddit polled it’s robust user base to find out what other “sports” were the fuckin’ sportiest. Above and below are the results of said poll.

I suspect that this poll will not be without its¬†adversaries. My favorite sport, which is golf, has always been questioned, so I’m not surprised seeing it on this list, but ATTA BOY, GOLF, 86% of people think you’re a sport! My problem, however, is why would you even put shit like video games, chess and poker in it? Fucking chess, are you kidding me? And why are certain sports automatically considered sports, but lacrosse and water polo — which are kind of similar to soccer and hockey in gameplay and on-field effort — are on the bubble enough to have to include them? Makes no sense.


is-it-a-sport is-it-a-sport-2


[H/T Reddit]

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