You Probably Shouldn’t Be Making Death Threats At Chili’s If You Play College Football For Georgia

What were you doing around 10:30pm on Monday night? Probably not threatening someone’s life at your local Chili’s like a University of Georgia football player allegedly did.

Isaiah McKenzie, a sophomore wide receiver on the Bulldogs football team, stands accused of directing “terroristic threats or acts” towards a female UGA student at a Chili’s nearby the Athens campus, according to an Athens-Clarke County Police Report obtained by The Red & Black.

According to the incident report, Maya Labat said McKenzie “said he was going to call some friends and they were going to come out and he was going to kill her.”

No one has been charged in the incident, which is still under investigation according to ACCPD.

The report lists as witnesses safety Dominick Sanders, wide receiver Terry Godwin, linebacker D’Andre Walker and safety Jarvis Wilson.

The Red & Black has reached out to Labat as well as the players named in the incident report. None have responded to comment.

When reached for comment, Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity said, as more is understood about the situation, head coach Mark Richt will comment at the appropriate time, if a comment becomes necessary.

Clearly not a good look for the budding punt-return specialist, and to be honest, one that’s inexcusable. There’s no reason this stuff needs to be going down at a local Chili’s! Like, sip on a margarita, have some queso, and chill the fuck out, bruh. No need for the hostility.

Obviously the situation is still developing, but it sounds as if McKenzie could be in some hot water if the allegations against him are truthful. And death threats aren’t exactly the kind of thing taken lightly after all.

We’ll keep you updated with any further developments as they become available.

[via The Red & Black]