Isaiah Thomas Can’t Help Himself From Taking Not-So-Subtle Parting Shots At The Cavs

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Guard Isaiah Thomas had a rough three months with the Cleveland Cavaliers but now that the 2017 MVP candidate is with the Lakers it seems like he’s in a much better state of mind.

After only playing one game with the Lakers, Thomas hasn’t been shy about talking about the difference between playing for the Lakers and the Cavs.

Here is Thomas about the Lakers “not going their separate ways” when they hit adversity which is the exact opposite of what he had to say about the Cavs team when they lost to the Magic a few weeks ago.

Via Lakers Nation

“Since I got here, all they do is joke around and laugh. They’re so close, and that’s a good thing. That makes it easier on the floor when you go to battle. When you hit adversity, you don’t go your separate ways. You keep going. I think in this organization, everybody is here to play for each other and have a positive mindset.”

Thomas also talked about finally being able to practice which is a clear shot at the Cavs considering IT complained about LeBron’s team not practicing while he was in Cleveland.

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