Isaiah Thomas Reportedly Has A Close Relationship With Dan Gilbert Which Probably Isn’t Going To Go Over Well With LeBron James

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Earlier today, Bleacher Report’s Ken Berger published an in-depth article about the current inner workings of the Cavs organization. According to Berger, Cavs owner Dan Gilber has taken full control of the front office and is getting pretty close with guard Isaiah Thomas, who the team acquired in the offseason to replace Kyrie Irving.

Via Bleacher Report

“The word is out that Dan is running things,” a rival executive told B/R. “Frankly, that’s where he’s happiest and the role he’s most comfortable in.”…

Thomas has become a favorite of Gilbert, and they often exchange calls and text messages, a league source familiar with their relationship told B/R. This isn’t necessarily unusual on a team with an owner who is as involved in the basketball side of things as Gilbert is. It also isn’t great for locker room chemistry, because the rest of the players know it.

“LeBron just looks at everybody as a shill for Dan,” the league source said.

Thomas’s relationship with Gilbert will probably bother LeBron, who fucking hates Dan Gilbert’s guts and has already complained aboutthe results of Thomas-Irving trade a few weeks ago.

Via Brian Windhorst on Zach Lowe Podcast

Windhorst: “What’s really pissing LeBron off is that he felt like the Cavs could’ve gotten Paul George and Eric Bledsoe…and they didn’t get them.”

“I’m just telling you LeBron is there and he’s like…we couldn’t had Eric Bledsoe and Paul George. Instead, we have a draft pick who I’m never gonna meet…and Isaiah Thomas, who’s very clearly hampered and Jae Crowder, who’s having the worst year of his career.”

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