J.J. Redick Quickly Bolted A Postgame Interview Because The Last Man In The Locker Room Has To Dance

J.J. Redick offered up the kind of brief, postgame interview last night that would even give Gregg Popovich the chills.

After being asked a very canned question following the Clippers win over the Pistons, J.J. responded by saying, “great win for us, I think we showed a lot of resooooolve” as he made a mad dash for the locker room because apparently the last guy there has to dance for his teammates. The dude was already halfway there by the time he finished saying “resolve.”

JJ Redick bolts postgame interview

Looks like this tap on the shoulder was the telltale signal to Redick that he was in grave danger of being last. And man, even if he was. The effort was there. Not sure I’ve ever seen someone so determined not to dance.

Basketball players often learn a lot playing under Coach K at Duke, but they most definitely do not learn how to dance.