J.J. Watt Wrote A ‘Get Out Of Work’ Letter For A Fan, And Her Boss Should Probably Take A Stand



J.J. Watt has always been likeable but at some point he decided he needed to be really likeable. Like, it wasn’t enough for him to be the most talented player in the NFL. He needed to be Mayor of Feel Good Town as well.

That’s why we have things like Watt dancing with an old lady. It’s why we have things like Watt delivering pizza to the masses. That’s why we have Watt becoming the world’s biggest Wisconsin Badgers fan (take that, Aaron Rodgers).

And it’s why we now have Watt out there writing handwritten notes for office nobodies who need an excuse to get out of work.

Like Ashlee Sanchez, who bought tickets to Watt’s charity softball game on Friday but totally forgot she had to work that day. I know! On a Friday!


What a guy, right?

Now, in my heart of hearts I think it’s great that a professional athlete is so accessible. But Watt seems to be taking it to the extreme. I’m talking Russell Wilson levels. Perhaps people who transferred to Wisconsin are just nicer than the rest of us.

But maybe, just maybe, Watt has his eyes on the 2040 Presidential campaign. Maybe this is just calculated p.r.

Also, if you’re this girl’s boss, you really have a chance to be a hero-villain here. What better way to draw attention to your company than by telling Watt his considerable football skills don’t entitle him to make personnel decisions worldwide?

Time to take a stand if you ask me.


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