J.J. Watt Jacked Two Dingers Off Roger Clemens At His Charity Event Because What Can’t He Do?

J.J. Watt, as we well know by now, is one of the most freakishly athletic bros on the planet. Dude could probably be a professional in just about any sport he wanted to if he put his mind to it.

Plus, he does cool stuff for kids, gets to hang out with ladies like Kate Hudson and even has our childhood crushes thirsting for him.

So is it really any surprise that Watt jacked not one but two dingers off seven-time Cy Young winner Roger Clemens?

Another angle…

Just another typical day at the yard for Mr. J.J. Watt.

In related news, Watt’s Charity Softball Classic outdrew 13 Houston Astros home games, according to ESPN, with more than 30,000 coming out to watch Watt and his buds play a little ball.

Turns out that Watt wasn’t the only one going yard this weekend at Minute Maid Park as his teammate Brian Cushing also knocked five out of the park.

Here are a few more pics from the event, highlighted by Vince Wilfork in his awesome overalls uniform.




H/T USA Today, Extra Mustard