Watch JJ Watt Throw A Spiral To A Texans Fan… Standing In The UPPER DECK!

In case we didn’t think so before (we did) JJ Watt of the Houston Texans might be the most freakishly athletic person ever to play a professional sport. What makes him even more amazing is that by all accounts he seems like just about the nicest guy in the world.

If he isn’t terrorizing NFL quarterbacks he’s scaring the piss of of hockey goalies with his slapshots, jacking home runs in BP, and jumping higher than a small celebrity without a running start. The guy is like a cyborg.

And now we have video of JJ Watt playing catch with a football with a fan in the stands… a fan in the UPPER DECK of the stands.

Of course it was a perfect spiral some 40 or 50 yards in the air, and right on the fucking money to boot.

Dude’s not human. Seriously. He can’t be. Some day we’re going to tell our kids about JJ Watt and they won’t even believe us.

H/T SportsGrid