J.J. Watt Throws Surprise Retirement Party For His Inspirational Fourth-Grade Teacher

by 12 months ago

J.J. Watt took the time to surprise and honor his fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Keefe, who is retiring. The four-time Pro Bowler went to Horizon Elementary School in Wisconsin to bring Judy Keefe a pair of shoes and a pretty fantastic cake. He also invited Mrs. Keefe and her husband to go to his celebrity softball game in Houston.

Watt wrote on Instagram:

My 4th grade teacher Mrs. Keefe is retiring after 41 years of teaching. She was one of the first people to believe in my dream of playing for the Badgers and eventually the NFL and she has taught, inspired and motivated many others. She is incredible and I couldn’t be more thankful to still have her in my life.

The Houston Texans defensive end wanted to do something special for Mrs. Keefe, who now teaches the fifth grade, because she is retiring after 41 years. Mrs. Keefe believed in J.J. and told him that he could play for the Badgers and even make it to the NFL if he worked hard enough.

Possibly the biggest winners in this whole deal are the kids in the class. They got out of actual schoolwork to meet J.J. Watt and eat cake. A pretty righteous Monday for a fifth grader.

The video shows just how much of a quality human being that J.J. Watt is. It also hammers home the point that great teachers help make great people. We all need to recognize and honor those teachers who make a difference.


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