Ja Morant Claps Back At Reports Of An Altercation Between His Entourage And Pacers Players

Ja Morant celebrates.

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Ja Morant made headlines on Sunday after reports surfaced of an altercation between members of his entourage and Pacers players and staff.

The incident is now circulating NBA Twitter, but Morant is telling his side of the story.

The Grizzlies star has responded to the news which involved members of his crew, father included, yelling at the Pacers’ travelling party. Things escalated, culminating with someone pointing a trained red laser on them from a slow-moving SUV.

Ja Morant was reported to as being in that vehicle. From the story on The Athletic.

After the game, the Pacers players, coaches, and support staff entered the loading area to board the bus. About 30 to 40 yards away from the bus were two parked cars… Four to five men emerged from the cars, walked to within 30 yards of the Pacers group, and began shouting at them. 

The verbal sparring continued for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, until Morant entered the loading area… One SUV moved towards the Pacers bus, turned, slowed down, and that was when members of the travelling party noticed a red laser coming from the car and being trained on players, coaches, and others.

As the story made rounds on the internet, many were quick to post reactions. Ja Morant is now speaking on his view of the incident.

He posted the following message on social media Sunday evening.

Did an investigation and seen they were cappin’. Still let an article come out to paint this negative image on me & my family. And they banned my brother from home games for a year. Unbelievable.

That response comes after head coach Taylor Jenkins spoke to media about the altercation, saying that the team did an internal review of the incident and that it was compliant in the NBA investigation.

The league, according to Jenkins, found nothing to corroborate the claims.

Fans were quick to comment on Morant’s post.

One fan wrote, “Why are you always involved in stuff like this?”

Another said, “This is a pretty immature and ill-advised response…”

Not everyone seems to side with Ja Morant on this issue. It will be interesting to see what comes next from the NBA.

Jacob Elsey
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