Rockets PF Jabari Smith Clowns Eagles Fans After Super Bowl Loss

Jabari Smith clowns Eagles fans

Getty Image / Eric Espada

The Philadelphia Eagles fell short in the Super Bowl and it sounds like the fans aren’t taking the loss well.

In fact, rather than celebrating in the streets, it appears Philly fans were in their sorrows instead.

However, they were so loud, they caught the attention of Houston Rockets’ power forward Jabari Smith.

The Rockets are in Philadelphia set to play the 76ers. While trying to get some sleep, Smith took the opportunity to clown Eagles fans.

Okay, this is pretty funny though. Why are Eagles fans just roaming the streets banging drums? I guess we all handle defeat differently. But Jabari Smith has a legitimate claim to call out Philly fans.

Even so, this is likely going to cause Philadelphia to throw boos his way at his game later on Monday. But Jabari Smith likely doesn’t care. The guy has to guard Joel Embiid and that’s clearly where his mind is at.

Hopefully, for Smith’s sake, Eagels fans eventually quieted down. On the other hand, the fanbase likely just doesn’t care. Especially considering most of them are also 76ers fans.

Look for the Rockets and 76ers game to be a fun matchup. Eagles fans will be looking for anything to cheer them up. So it wouldn’t be surprising if they are loud during this game.

In the meantime, maybe Philadelphia can make another Super Bowl run next year.