High School Wide Receiver Makes Epic Sizzle Reel Of Himself Standing On The Sidelines

Jack Lenihan, a wide receiver from Barrington (Ill.), stands all of 5-feet-11 and weighs 145 pounds. And if you think his size is going to scare Division I programs away from recruiting him, you’re wrong. No, the real reason elite football programs aren’t recruiting him is his lack of playing time and football skill.

Other than that, though, he seems like a great guy to have on the squad.

Lenhian made a sizzle reel of his sideline-standing exploits and, truth be told, it’s pretty inspiring. The dude can stand there with the best of them. .

The only weakness in his game is when he actually enters the game. The sole potential reception the wideout featured was a drop.

Whichever college coach is lucky enough to sign Lenihan will have to work around that flaw. I’m sure the kid’s phone is currently ringing off the hook.

[H/T: Sporting News]