Jackson Mahomes Gets Clowned On For TikTok Dance During Chiefs Super Bowl Parade

Jackson Mahomes and his older brother Patrick Mahomes

This is Jackson Mahomes’ world and we’re just living in it. He has no time for the haters, of which, there are many. Jackson just wants to dance.

The younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has repeatedly taken heat for his TikTok dances during monumental moments in his older brother’s career. Jackson Mahomes dropped multiple TikTok dances during the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win which rubbed some fans the wrong way.

The Kansas City Chiefs held their Super Bowl championship parade on Wednesday, February 15th. It was a matter of when not if that Jackson Mahomes would try and steal his brother’s limelight with a TikTok dance.

Jackson didn’t keep his haters or fans waiting very long and posted his TikTok dance before the Super Bowl parade really got going:

There are a LOT of comments talking about how much they like his shirt/sweater. It’s a good look, nobody can deny that. Someone else commented “girly in the back knew she was about to be on the tok” and I didn’t even see that until the comment.

Someone else wrote “don’t bully this man” because he’s just dancing. Another person joked about “Pat come get” his little brother.

Meanwhile, Patty is gearing up for a marathon day of celebrating:

And the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade comes after multiple days in a row of celebrating:

And I’m not here to ‘bully’ Jackson Mahomes for his TikTok dances. If dancing makes him happy then I believe he should dance until his legs are sore. I mean that.

Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes, has been posting parade clips to her Instagram story. She’s got a clip of them on the bus on the way to the parade and them on top of a bus screaming loudly and crushing drinks. She posted about taking more shots.

But Jackson Mahomes is nowhere to be seen on the top of the bus that his older brother Patrick is riding on. He’s either inside the bus/down below, on another bus, or waiting at the end of the parade for his family.