Get A Load Of This Vintage Jacksonville Jaguars ‘Jag Rag’ That Was Perfect For Jaggin’ Off

Jacksonville Jaguars Fan

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I have zero connotation here other than this Tweet rolling across my timeline, and me bursting into tears of laughter milliseconds after.

The JAG RAG! Perfect for Jacksonville Jaguars fans when they’re hanging out, jaggin’ off about going 5-11 last year. Even better when they’re in the stadium jaggin’ it. Here’s a jag, there’s a jag, anywhere you can jag jag, when you’ve got a JAG RAG.

How did no one think of this sooner? Seriously. It’s fucking brilliant. Better yet how much did the slogan guy who came up with this one rake in? Because it should be doubled, no question. Whatever it was, pay the man that amount once more.

This thing could instantly overtake the Terrible Towel as the fiercest towel in sports. At the least, it’ll offer some stiff competition … This ardent Jags fan should DEFINITELY be first in line for a Jag Rag, no doubt.

UPDATE: It seems the Jag Rag had a short lived tenure during the 2012-13 season. RIP Jag Rag.

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