Minor League Baseball Team Running A Father’s Day Promotion That Would Make ‘Maury’ Proud

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The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp have the best team name in Minor League Baseball. They rebranded themselves last year from the Jacksonville Suns to the Jumbo Shrimp, ditching the name the team had since 1962. There was a ton of press around that move, but the hype died off pretty quickly as it tends to do with Minor League Baseball.

The league subsists off of promotions, one-off promotions nights designed to draw in fan support during the dog days of Summer. We’ve seen these over the years in the form of ‘Star Wars Night’ or ‘Game of Thrones Night’…They go way beyond just $1 Beer and Hotdog Night because they can, and because sometimes they pick up massive publicity with these promotions. Case in point, the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp who just won Father’s Day with this ‘You Might Be The Father’s Day’ promotion…

On Thursday, the Jumbo Shrimp will be selling $1 12oz beers and $2 24oz beers. On Sunday, they’ll be giving fans free pregnancy tests as part of a ‘You Might Be The Father’s Day’ promotion. The team says “It will be an evening filled with suspense, intrigue and manila envelopes.”

The team thought it would be funny to give away pregnancy tests just a few days after their cheap beer night, under the presumption that people will be having exorbitant amounts of sex on cheap beer night and might need to take a pregnancy test by the end of the weekend. The team says they already have several hundred pregnancy fans on hand to give to fans.

Nothing says ‘Baseball’ like getting your girl to the ballpark and asking her to pee on a stick, right?

(h/t Jacksonville)

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