JaCoby Jones Took A 90 MPH Fastball TO THE FACE And The Sound Might Be Worse Than The Visual

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JaCoby Jones of the Detroit Tigers was facing Twins reliever Justin Haley this past weekend when, whoops, he took a 90 MPH fastball… TO THE FACE!

And while the visual of seeing it happen was pretty awful, the sound of the ball cracking him in the face might be even worse.

My first reaction after watching that was, damn, how did Jones spring back up so fast after that? But then I remembered once I was in a motorcycle accident and flew about 15 feet through the air after a car pulled out in front of me and the first thing I did was spring to my feet and grab my head where it was bleeding just to basically make sure I was alive. It’s just instinct.

Check out this peek at the aftermath of Jones’ injury…


According to the Detroit Free Press, Jones, amazingly, seems to be doing pretty well considering he took a 90 MPH pitch TO THE FACE.

“Everything feels normal,” Jones said Sunday morning at Target Field. “I can bite down. Just my lip is swollen. My teeth are kind of sore. Other than that, it just feels like I got punched in the face.

“Last night I ate chicken, but I had to eat it in very small bites on this (right) side. I ate some ice cream and good stuff.”

As for his reaction, it was pretty much what I just described…

“As soon as I hit the ground, just like ‘Get up and run it off.’ I don’t know what I was thinking,” Jones said.

On another positive note, I had just dropped Jones from my fantasy baseball roster so I won’t have to worry about him being on the DL for 10 days. Silver lining and all that.

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