Jae Crowder’s Reaction To LeBron James Complaining About Hard Foul Becomes An Instant Meme

  • LeBron James cursed out Jae Crowder over hard foul and complained to refs for not calling a flagrant foul
  • Crowder became a meme after starting at LeBron while he was complaining to refs
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Jae Crowder has become LeBron James’ nemesis during the Suns-Lakers first round series.

During game 3, LeBron straight up told Crowder he smelled bad while running up the court.

In game 4, Crowder fouled LeBron hard which led to the Lakers superstar to curse him out and complain to the refs for not calling a flagrant foul.

As LeBron told him to “get the fuck off me”, Crowder hilariously just stared at his rival from afar.

Crowder’s reaction to LeBron complaining about the hard foul became an instant meme on Twitter.