NFL Teams Are Dealing With An Unexpected Problem In In Free Agency And The Jaguars Are To Blame

Jaguars Spending Spree Impacts Free Agent Prices Around The NFL

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  • NFL teams are dealing with a major headache thanks to the Jacksonville Jaguars
  • The franchise has spared no expense when it comes to giving players new contracts and thrown the market out of whack as a result
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On Monday, the NFL’s “legal tampering period” kicked off as teams were given the green light to negotiate with players who will have the opportunity to officially take their talents elsewhere when free agency officially begins on Wednesday afternoon.

During the NFL Combine, Jacksonville Jaguars GM Trent Baalke promised the franchise was going to be “aggressive” when it comes to signings as the beleaguered team attempts to bounce from a season where it earned the right to pick first in the NFL Draft thanks to a dismal 3-14 record.

It didn’t take long for Baalke to live up to his word, as the Jaguars broke out the checkbook to secure the services of Zay Jones and Christian Kirk at wide receiver in addition to a few other signings that will cost the team upwards of $200 million over the next few years (although they also released their leading tackler from last season in the wake of the spending spree).

As is the case with all free agency signings, only time will tell if those bets will pay off. While you have to assume Jacksonville is pleased with how things have played out so far, it doesn’t seem other teams around the league are thrilled with the approach the Jags have taken based on the repercussions it’s had.

According to Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports, Baalke’s decision to channel his inner Sammy Paradise has led to agents for other players using those massive deals as leverage, which has apparently been met with pushback from members of various front offices who are not about to live in a world where the Jacksonville Jaguars dictate how things are supposed to go.

I can’t say I blame them.

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