Alabama’s 342lb Freshman DT Looks Like A Beast After Losing 75 Pounds During His First Semester

University of Alabama Athletics

Despite only being ranked as a four-star recruit, Jaheim Oatis was one of the nation’s most highly-coveted defensive line prospects in the Class of 2022. He is absolutely massive.

Born in Columbia, Mississippi, Oatis had scholarship offers from almost every school in the SEC but ended up committing to Alabama. Upon his arrival, he stood 6-foot-4, 416 pounds.

As could be expected of someone his stature, he has incredible lower body strength and has long arms that allow him to get space from the block. Oatis has excellent athletic ability for his size and flashes unexpected foot and body quickness.

Two years back, Oatis went viral for burying an unsuspecting kick returner six feet under the ground after getting up to warp speed and blowing his doors off. It really put his massive frame and athleticism in perspective.

Although his potential is limitless, he projects as an inside nose or a one technique in college, depending on the scheme. In the meantime, before he can consistently get in the game against SEC offensive lineman, he will have to make the transition to the next level and will likely redshirt this fall.

A large part of that adjustment is transforming his body and weight, something that Jaheim Oatis is already doing at Alabama.

Oatis committed to Alabama in December and enrolled early for the spring semester. It is clear that he has been listening to exactly what he has been told by the nutrition and strength staffs because he is completely unrecognizable.

Actually, that isn’t true at all, because he is still very easy to pick out of a crowd.


His weight transformation is well under way and he’s absolutely crushing it. As of April 1st, he was down 46 pounds with only 21% body fat.

The weight loss payoff was extremely noticeable when Alabama took the field during the spring game.

And he is still as explosive as ever, if not even more so.

Oatis was down even more weight by the time that June rolled around.

Oatis was not stopping there.

Jaheim Oatis shared that he was down to 342 pounds just a few weeks before Alabama’s fall camp.

That’s just two pounds short of his hard-number, 76-pound weight loss goal and he is absolutely thrilled. As he should be!

Oatis already looks leaner, lighter and faster. Video from Alabama’s fall camp shows Oatis getting on his horse and getting down field.

If you are a ball-carrier who sees Oatis coming at you full speed, it is probably in your best interest to just go down. That’s a terrifying sight.

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