Fight Fans Want Tommy Fury Out After Jake Paul Reveals Backup Plan

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury

Getty Image / Top Rank Inc

Many are anticipating Jake Paul’s first fight of 2023 as he’s set to take on Tommy Fury.

Even so, these two have been scheduled to fight before. So nobody is actually sure if this fight comes to fruition or not.

Luckily for fans, Jake Paul announced his backup plans in case Tommy Fury pulls out once again. According to MMA Junkie, Paul reveals that if Fury drops out of the bout, then he’ll be facing former UFC star, Mike Perry.

This announcement caught the attention of fight fans everywhere. So much so, that people are actually now wanting Paul to take on Perry instead of Fury. Mike Perry is a wild man in the octagon and can talk trash with the best of them. Additionally, he has the power to really challenge Jake Paul as well.

Even though Mike Perry is an MMA fighter, this is still an intriguing matchup for Jake Paul.

From an entertainment standpoint, the fans want to see Paul vs. Perry.

Could you imagine these two talking trash on the mic? That in itself would be wildly entertaining.

With that said, fight fans are sure to keep an eye on Tommy Fury in the coming weeks. His boxing match with Jake Paul is scheduled for February 26, 2023. Even so, nobody believes that the fight is happening until they’re both physically in the ring.

Either way, it sure sounds like everybody wants Perry to face off against Paul. Although that’s true, Jake Paul makes a bizarre comment about the birth of Tommy Fury’s new baby.

Based on that, we might have to wait for a Perry-Paul matchup because there is no way Fury lets that slide, right? Only time will tell.