Jake Paul Takes Shot At Dez Bryant On Twitter After Mistaken DM, Bryant Responds

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Over the weekend, Youtube stars Jake and Logan Paul participated in a PPV boxing event in the UK that generated millions of dollars.

Via TubeFilter.com

At least 814,000 people shelled out for the official pay-per-view, per numbers we saw at Tubefilter. Even if all of those viewers paid the pre-August viewing price of $8 (which was raised to $10 on Aug. 1), that’s still $6.5 million. If half of those viewers paid the August price, that adds up to $7.3 million in revenue. eam undoubtedly weren’t watching it at exactly the same time, so that 814,000 number doesn’t represent the total of consumers who purchased the event on YouTube.

On top of those YouTube views were the folks who watched the match at KSIvsLogan.TV — no numbers there yet — as well as the reported 21,000 fans in attendance at Manchester Arena, where tickets cost between £80 ($103 U.S.) and £495 ($634). If all 21,000 attendants nabbed tickets at the lowest price tier, that’s another $2 million and change — but certainly some paid for higher tiers, likely including that £495 VIP package.

Adding all that up brings us to a conservative $8.5 to $9.3 million in revenue. But of course that doesn’t include expenses. YouTube takes a percentage of the pay-per-view price, Manchester Arena isn’t free to rent, and the talented production crew (the event looked great on screen), bandwidth, rentals, support staff, and more all come at a price. So, that dollar figure range doesn’t accurately represent anyone’s take-home pay.

Following the event, Dez Bryant went out of his way to congratulate Logan Paul via Twitter DM but mistakenly messaged his brother Jake instead.

Jake who is apparently a Cleveland Browns fans took the mistaken DM as an opportunity to mock Bryant.

Dez wasn’t sure why Jake was being salty and responded on Twiter

Fans seemed pretty hyped at a potential boxing match between Bryant and Jake Paul.

I would actually pay money to watch Dez Bryant put a beat down on Jake Paul.