Jake Paul Says He Loved UFC Fans Chanting ‘F Jake Paul’, Mocks Daniel Cormier After Heated Confrontation At UFC 261

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Jake Paul didn’t fight at UFC 261 but he got plenty of attention by just showing up to the arena.

On Saturday night, not only did UFC fans chant his name but Paul got into a heated confrontation with former UFC champion Daniel Cormier at the event.

According to Cormier, he went over to Paul to tell to stop talking trash to him or else he was going to smack him in the face.

After UFC 261, Paul uploaded a video of the confrontation with Cormier and challenged the former UFC champ to a fight while noting how short he is in person.

“Cormier comes up to me, starts chirping. I’m sitting here enjoying myself with AB,” “… This guy goes, ‘Keep my name out your mouth. Keep my name out your mouth.’ I said, ‘Wait a minute, Daniel. You’re putting my name in your mouth first. You put my name in your mouth first. You talked about me on your little commentator podcast with Ariel. So don’t come over here talking about how I talked about you.’ I said, ‘Let’s sign the contract. Let’s run a fight. I’m not scared of you, DC. You’re short.’ I’m looking at this guy like he’s short.

Paul also reveled in the “fuck Jake Paul” chants.

“Everyone’s chanting ‘fuck Jake Paul.’ They’re feeding into this shit. I love it.”

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