Jake Paul’s Excuses For Losing To Tommy Fury Are Getting Dumber And Dumber

Jake Paul getting punched in the face

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Jake Paul has come up with another excuse for why he lost to Tommy Fury.

After his loss, Paul, who said he wouldn’t make any excuses, claimed that he had gotten sick during training camp and had suffered an arm injury leading up to the fight.

“All respect to Tommy, he won. I think we deserve that rematch. I don’t know if I agree with the judges. I got a 10-8 round twice… I felt flat, I got sick really bad twice in this camp, injured my arm. But I lost, I’m not making excuses.”


During the latest episode of Impulsive, Jake believes he lost the fight against Tommy because of a “wet dream.”

Fury was interviewed by IFLTV a day after the fight and is calling B.S. on Jake’s excuses for losing the fight.

“It wouldn’t be my approach if I lost the fight, I’d say fair and square the better man won, even if I had been ill.

“I don’t believe that he’s been ill because he wasn’t ill when he was posting all the way through social media about, you know how great his camp’s been..so I wouldn’t buy into that, he got beat fair and square last night and that’s it.”

“If he wants to make excuses, then he can, but it is what is, he got beat.”

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