Jake Peavy Is Buying A San Francisco Cable Car And Turning It Into A Mobile Bar

Jake Peavy, fresh off his second consecutive World Series-winning campaign, is planning to commemorate the Giants’ title by purchasing an authentic San Francisco cable car and turning it into a roaming bar.

This will surely go down as one of man’s greatest decisions.

TMZ spoke with Peavy’s brother, Luke, who seems pretty excited about having a cable car bar at his disposal. Hell, of course he is. He is human after all.

The whole thing is still a “work in progress” — but they’ve already got the plans drawn out.

Here’s the deal … the Peavy family owns a 5,000-acre estate in Alabama called Southern Falls Plantation — and the goal is to ship the cable car over to the property.

“Once it’s in ‘Bama, it will be turned into a mobile bar in Southern Falls,” Luke tells us.

All the details are yet to be worked out but you can pretty much bet your mortgage on this thing being called Off the Rails when it’s all said and done. It’s just too perfect.

[H/T: TMZ]