Texas Tech’s Jakeem Grant Destroyed Stopwatches With An Earth Scorching 4.10 40-Yard Dash, Has A Message For His Haters

Jakeem Grant, a diminutive 5’7 wide receiver for Texas Tech, reportedly clocked a 4.10 in the 40-yard dash at the school’s recent pro day, which would be quite a feat for any college football player, but especially for a guy who wasn’t even invited to the NFL Combine.

A scout for the New Orleans Saints was apparently on-hand to clock the moment and according to multiple sources, this is no myth.

Holy crap, this dude basically has wings. And yes, that’s faster than Bo freakin’ Jackson’s record at the combine in 1986.

Here’s another confirmation.

And if anyone still houses any doubts, Jakeem Grant implores you to challenge him; just don’t forget to bring your soon to be broken stopwatch.

Seriously though, his YouTube highlight video alone should’ve been enough to warrant an invite to the combine:

Nonetheless, Grant has now officially garnered some serious attention from ALL 32 NFL teams.

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