Jalen Rose Crushes Paul Pierce On Live TV And Hit Him With Facts On Why Dwyane Wade Was A Better Player

Former Celtics forward Paul Pierce is either delusional or he’s attempting to make a career for himself as a hot take artist.

During a segment last night on NBA On ESPN Pierce proclaimed that he was a better player during his career than Dwyane Wade.

Michelle Beadle
: Who is the better player you or Dwyane Wade?

Paul Pierce: That’s easy, that’s me. If you give me Shaq, if you give LeBron. If you give me these guys early in my career. You give me these guys at 24-25 and I would be sitting here with five or six championships easy.

Pierce went on to get immediately ridiculed by NBA Twitter over his hot take.

Pierce would later double down on his dumb take only to get hit by a dose of reality from Jalen Rose who started spitting facts in Pierce’s face.

He’s made NBA All-First Team twice, Paul hasn’t done it.

All-NBA eight times to your four.

He’s made NBA All-Defensive Team three times to your zero.

He won one scoring title, you weren’t able to win any scoring titles.

He has three rings, you have one ring.


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