Lions RB Jamaal Williams Calls Out NFL For Robbing Players Of Their Personality

Lions RB Jamaal Williams Has Everyone Ready To Run Through A Wall

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Detroit Lions running back Jamaal Williams had a breakout season both on and off the field of play.

Not only did Williams rack up a franchise record 17 rushing touchdowns this season — breaking the record of Hall of Famer Barry Sanders — but he also broke through as one of the best personalities in the NFL.

Beginning with his tear-jerking speech in training camp and ending with his Week 18 tribute to his great-grandfather, Williams undoubtedly established himself as one of the most unique people in the league.

Williams, however, believes the NFL robs players of their ability to show of their personalities with their celebration fines:

“Now I get fined for this stuff. I just feel like they’re trying to take my personality away, my joy. Because now, I literally have to stop doing it. So now, when I score, I’m literally just gonna sit down and pout like a little baby or something,” Williams said on The 33rd Team, a podcast hosted by his teammate Amon-Ra St. Brown and Bears receiver Equanimeous St. Brown

“I’m doing nothing wrong. They’re just being weenies. They want to fine me, yet put all that stuff up there, brand it and put me up there and use it. They want to take my money, though.”

Hopefully, now that he’s a legitimate star in the NFL, Williams will get to share his infectious personality elsewhere (Jamaal, if you ever wanna come chat comic books, I’m here for ya).

The 27-year-old Williams, who was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the fourth round of the 2017 NFL Draft, has been with Detroit for two seasons now. In addition to his career his 17 touchdowns (his previous high mark was four in his rookie year), Williams also had a banner year in other statisical categories such as carries (262) and yards (1,066) as he established himself as the Lions’ lead back.

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