Jameis Winston Is Cracking Fat Jokes At The NFL Scouting Combine, Plans On Winning Super Bowl Next Year



Jameis Winston know you think he’s fat. He knows that anyone who’s been following NFL Scouting Combine news the past week thinks he’s fat. However, Jameis Winston does not think Jameis Winston look fat.

The 2015 NFL Scouting Combine is just about the only thing going on in sports this week (aside from various injuries), so the coverage of Jameis Winston’s gut has reached an all-time high, as the former Heisman Award winning quarterback from Florida State University is in the running to be the #1 overall draft pick.

Instead of just sitting back and taking all the jokes at his expense, during today’s session of the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine Jameis Winston took the opportunity to clear the air and crack some jokes about the shape of his body and how he thinks he’s doing just fine:


Jameis Winston also has very high aspirations for the future: bringing a Super Bowl Championship back to Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans:


Even after all this rumors began to swirl after Chris Mortensen began running his fat mouth about Jameis’ arm strength (and these rumors should be taken for what they are: rumors):