Someone Made A Song About Jameis Winston And You Better Prepare For Maximum Jimmies To Be Rustled

Whether you’re an FSU fan or a Seminole hater, you’re going to love this video. As a Seminole my takeaway was this: he doesn’t lose. But in speaking to a colleague the message he received was: that stupid kid will get anyway with anything and everything.

So which is it, and does it even matter? Either way there’s plenty of jimmy rustling going on in this video. Whether you’re like me and see this as a video showing the perseverance of a QB after throwing 4 INT’s in a game….or you’re seeing a cocky, privileged kid getting away with everything and still managing to scrape by in close football games…well, your jimmies are getting rustled.

Prediction: FSU steamrolls Oregon to the tune of a 22-point lead. Goes on to play Ohio State in a close game while Bama fans sit by the wayside complaining about their team being beaten up from a tough SEC schedule, and OSU’s untested QB completely craps the bed leading to a convincing FSU repeat.

Back to the jimmy rustling:


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