Jameis Winston Already Deleted His Crab Legs Draft Night Photo



Jameis Winston appeared to poke fun at his past crab leg problems by posting this photo on Instagram. Whether you love him or you hate him, you have to appreciate his ability to take things in stride.

The callback joke seemed pretty innocuous. As in: the crab leg incident was pretty tame compared to other snafus Winston became embroiled in while attending Florida State.

But between last night and this morning, it appears someone got to Winston and convinced him to take down the meta joke.

Gone is the Instagram post.

Cue the conspiracy theories. WHY did Winston take this down? Who got to him?

Was it the Buccaneers? BIG CRAB? Publix? Goodell?

Now is not the time for level heads. Let’s put on our best tinfoil hats and blow this thing way out of proportion.

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