Revisiting The Workout Video That May Have Cost Jameis Winston A Few Million Dollars This Offseason

jameis winston workout video david carr

Getty Image / Roy K. Miller

This NFL offseason has been anything but kind to Jameis Winston, first losing his job to a man who just signed up for his AARP card, and then seeing absolutely no love from the other 31 teams in the league. In a world where Brian Hoyer can still find himself a new job with the New England Patriots, I think we can all find it a little surprising that Jameis Winston finally signed with the New Orleans Saints on a 1 year $1.1 million deal.

However, after the previous footage of Winston’s training routine came out, it’s safe to say that the young man didn’t do himself any favors in trying to ink a new deal for the 2020 season. In the first clip of three different drills, Winston’s trainer is seen throwing a weighted bag at his head in an attempt to remain poised in the pocket when, you know, guys like Aaron Donald come in harder than a weighted bag or cinder block. Unless Brian Dawkins gets out of a time machine from 2009 and starts launching shoulders into heads again, I don’t think any NFL front offices were going to be too impressed with this one.

David Carr, a man who is definitely familiar with speaking out of turn and also remembered as an absolute bust, took the opportunity to call out Winston for the workout video. Carr wrote on Twitter, “Stop paying your friends to train you….Get some help.” Winston quickly chirped back saying, “…mind your business… We built this from the bottom and we’re still building.”

Now Carr was a quarterback who spent most of his time in the NFL getting absolutely decimated by any defensive lineman who had arms and legs, but he may actually have a point on this one.

Winston may currently be the quarterback who throws that interception at the exact wrong moment, but that doesn’t mean he can’t put the Saints in a position to succeed if Brees happens to go down. It’s time for Famous Jameis to become ‘Just Win Winston’ and that all begins with getting back to his FSU days, changing his bizarre workout methods, and Brees somehow getting injured or deciding to retire midseason.