James Harden Reacts To His Bizarre Off-Bench Play That Confused Everybody

James Harden

Getty Image / Maddie Meyer

James Harden was seen making a bizarre play in Saturday night’s game. For whatever reason, he jumped up and played defense even though he was on the sidelines.

Since then, many have been pondering what happened. Now, the Philadelphia 76ers star reacts to his strange actions on the court.

In case you missed it, here is the clip of James Harden jumping into the game even though he’s not checked in. He’s clearly sitting on the sideline. Then, for no reason at all, the 76ers star jumps up to play some defense. You can even see the confusion on Doc Rivers’ face after it happened.

Many were confused by Harden’s actions and were seeking answers. James Harden ended up laughing it off after his former teammate, Serge Ibaka asked him about the play.

In the end, that’s all James Harden can do right? The dude just had a brain fart mid-game. It happens to the best of us. Some people accidentally put the wrong shoe on the wrong foot while Harden tries jumping into a game while on the sidelines.

This is just a funny moment for everyone to laugh at and it’s nice to see James Harden have a good sense of humor about it. The referees handled as best as they possibly could as well as they just gave the Denver Nuggets the ball back.

Hopefully, Harden learned his lesson though.